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Press Releases

01/15/2018 [KOSEM 칼럼] 어느 한인 기업의 신년사


Hello Everyone.

I am very excited and eager to start this New Year.


2017 was a hard year with a difficult business environment, but we overcame various challenges by working together as a team with optimism and motivation.  I am eager to welcome the New Year with a positive outlook and strategic goal-driven mindset.


It is hard to predict the global market and business environment for 2018, but I believe we can indeed thrive with all of us well-armed with a positive mind and the confidence to take on challenges as opportunities for growth.  This confidence goes beyond simply thinking that we may do well, to genuinely believing that we can do really well.

I would like to start the year by setting business priorities.  I want to propose 2018 as the year of Growth of Innovation and Confidence, and highlight Innovation Growth and Self-Confidence in four key measurements:


     - Best-in-class global niche market branding

     - Premium business service & client satisfaction level

     - Highest sales & profit achievement

     - Top talent performance


In other words, we need to achieve those measurements in order to realize our mission of becoming the top Asian Global Executive Search Firm.  We have three specific business priorities for the New Year: optimize our organizational maturity, strengthen our business maturity, and improve our service maturity.


First, we must optimize our organization maturity through continuous individual talent development and team accountability.


     - Enhance team capability by proactively improving individual skills development and continuously
       sourcing for competitive additions to the team

     - Strengthen management planning and team coordination functions for better organizational
       planning & business KPIs

     - Leverage Think Tank Advisory Committee and Network Relationships


Second, we need to strengthen our business maturity through top quality control service offerings centered on client satisfaction.


     - Strengthen awareness and positioning of our Korea office among global and multinational
       foreign companies in Korea through successful global executive recruiting

     - Target blue chip global companies within the US local market by standardizing and customizing
       effective client management service offerings

     - Prospect new global clientele and expand business portfolio for greater innovation and growth


Third, we must improve our service maturity through enhanced systems operations for premium brand image and greater service enablement.


     - Drive real-time ERP operations and customized CRM campaigns

     - Strengthen premium brand image through continuous SNS updates and effective campaign
       activities (newsletters, industry researches, events, partnerships)

     - Upgrade total service offerings by cooperating and standardizing across teams


Effective management will only be possible with competent manpower, efficient process, and effective systems.  Each one of us need to take full accountability of enhancing our people, process and technology.  We need to build on our four pillars of success (speed, quality, delivery, and working together) to lead market innovation, drive partnership with our clients, and achieve our business goals.


I would like to finally conclude this year’s annual New Year Greeting with an encouragement and gentle request for three positive attitudes that I believe will help us achieve our business priorities and corporate mission.


     - First attitude is to take pride of being an executive recruiter and to work with a sense of calling
       and purpose.  Be grateful and humbled to be able to play a very integral role in someone else’s
       career and their life changing decisions.

     - The second attitude is to consciously seek win-win scenarios in all that we do.  Communication,
       Coordination and Cooperation are key drivers.  Lead by example and proactively create a
       vibrant workplace and form meaningful relationships.

     - Third and final attitude is to stay hungry through constant effort, patience, motivation and
        teamwork.  Let us continue to grow through our teams.  Nothing is impossible with an
        empowered team.


I am genuinely excited and anxious of what we have ahead of us in 2018.

Thank you.