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04/26/2019 HRCap E-Newsletter April 2019 - 2019 HRCap Career Seminar

HRCap E-Newsletter Issue #098 (April 2019)


2019 HRCap Career Seminar

for Stony Brook University Students



At HRCap, we also host live career seminars for students preparing for employment and professionals seeking career transitions. On April 12, 2019, we held our first 2019 career seminar specifically for Stony Brook University students at our Headquarters office in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 16 graduate and undergraduate students from Stony Brook’s Korean Career Bank (KCB) attended the seminar to gain knowledge, insight, and inspiration on the employment preparation for job search here in the United States.




The career seminar was broken up into four 30 minute sessions that covered various topics on the road to employment in the U.S. Each session aimed to cover different aspects of the job search and provide various tips for professional career development.


     - Lecture I: HRCap's CEO, Andrew Sungsoo Kim welcomed the students with opening remarks
     and shed inspiration on the importance of strengthening one’s personal brand and raising market
     value to build and advance one’s own career.


     - Lecture II: HRCap's Global Team Lead & Biz Dev Director Stella H. Kim highlighted the rising
     hot skills, industry clusters, and key trends of the current U.S. labor market. She also spoke on
     how to stand out from peers and best prepare in advance while still in school (early subject
     expertise, constant reading, ongoing networking, meaningful mentorships, and relevant


     - Lecture III: HRCap's Global Team Executive Recruiter James Yun spoke about the importance
     of building a strong resume and writing a compelling cover letter, and highlighted key often-seen
     mistakes. He gave unique recruiter perspectives and insights on acing job interviews with proper
     preparation and follow up’s.


     - Lecture IV: HRCap's Local Team Manager Tae Won You shared various case stories on
     international students who best prepared and effectively succeeded in their employment search.
     He spoke about how international students can go about obtaining the proper U.S. Visas
     necessary to be eligible to work after graduation and successfully finding employers who provide
     Visa sponsorship.


The career seminar concluded with an extensive Q&A session that focused on each student's career interest and personal situation. Additionally, HRCap's seasoned recruiters provided consultation on resume review and helped update and strengthen the resumes of the students to help get them started on their road to employment.

Students provided the following positive feedback:


     - Information was targeted perfectly for us – international students seeking employment in the US.
     I realized that job opportunities for us are very limited and learned what I must do to stay
     competitive among other job seekers.


     - I appreciated the CEO offering his time to speak to students. His advice that basic self-
     management is important for career development was a reality check.


     - I learned how I can get more experience in my desired field. I now know I need to work on more
     leadership projects at school, gain subject knowledge from newsletters, and attend more
     networking opportunities to find right mentors.


     - I appreciated the valuable tips in avoiding common mistakes in resumes and interviews. We
     cannot get these insights from school or any prep books.


     - This seminar was most informative out of all other career seminars I have been to in the past. I
     appreciated the realistic guidelines and answers to our questions.


     - I appreciate consultants staying in late on a Friday evening for the informative seminar. I have
     been inspired by the passion showed towards their own career.  


HRCap will continue to serve, give back, and engage our community by educating and inspiring students and young professionals. Our goal is to help them deepen their expertise and become competitive candidates that will add value and drive success for our clients.

If you are interested in attending a future career seminar, please fill out a short survey at We will contact you once we host a career seminar in your location. For all other inquiries, please contact us at



HRCap E-Newsletter (April 2019) - 2019 HRCap Career Seminar