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P5-S20 Recruiting Model

The P5-S20 Model is a unique global talent recruiting model developed by HRCap. This model consists of five procedures and a total of twenty steps. To acquire the most appropriate talent for a specific role, organizations are encouraged to follow the procedures and steps identified in this recruiting model.

  • Strategic formulation of guidelines for recruitment of global talent
  • Identification of step-by-step procedures and carefully considered factors for recruitment
  • Established model for mid-size companies with limited experience in global recruiting
  • Promotion of HRCap's expertise in global talent recruitment
  • Recruiting model tested and approved by many of HRCap’s clients

If your organization is interested in obtaining more information on our P5-S20 Model, please feel free to notify us on the Contact Consultants page.

P5-S20 Recruiting Model: Brand Identity

The symbol of the P5-S20 Recruiting Model is representative of a gifted leader who can inspire people and transform organizations in times of difficulty. The star and the 5 circles at its points symbolize the head, body, arms, and legs of the leader. The 5 circles are also indicative of the procedures that make up the
P5-S20 Recruiting Model.

By employing the P5-S20 Model, HRCap engages top global stars with the best leadership capabilities to accomplish our clients’ missions.

P5-S20 Recruiting Model: Process Diagram
  • P1 - Strategy
  • P2 - In-house Sourcing, Sourcing by Search Firm
  • P3 - Contact and interview
  • P4 - Offer Negotiation
  • P5 - Contract
P5-S20 Recruiting Model: Procedures and Steps
recruiting process
Global Talent Recruiting Process
Procedures Steps
  • Step1. Confirm the necessity of attracting top talents
  • Step2. Organize a global HR team
  • Step3. Establish a top talent recruiting plan
  • Step4. Decide on top talent sourcing methods
In-house Sourcing Sourcing by Search Firm
  • Step5-a. Establish a search team
  • Step6-a. Search for candidate
  • Step7-a. Screen candidates
  • Step8-a. Choose the best candidate for the interview
  • Step5-b. Contract with a search firm
  • Step6-b. Request candidates
  • Step7-b. Review the suggested candidates from the search firm
  • Step8-b. Deliver the review results and request for more candidates
Contact & Interview
  • Step9. Schedule the interview
  • Step10. Prepare the interview
  • Step11. Conduct the interview
  • Step12. Make the interview examination and employment decision
Offer Negotiation
  • Step13. Notify the candidate
  • Step14. Discuss hiring specifications
  • Step15. Fill out the offer package
  • Step16. Deliver the offer package
  • Step17. Prepare the recruitment contract package
  • Step18. Deliver the contract to the candidates
  • Step19. Support the candidate prior to entering the company
  • Step20. Manage and care for the employment